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Take Part in This Month’s CCD

Take Part in This Month’s CCD

Each one of us contributes to pollution and climate change every day. Let's do our part in correcting the change. Take part in Climate Correction Day (CCD). Taking part in CCD is the smallest possible action that you can take. This could be the beginning of your journey towards a more sustainable life. We celebrate CCD on the 1st Wednesday of Every Month.

Climate change is real!

The planet has become warmer by 1.1 degrees centigrade. This global warming has caused climate change. The frequency and intensity of natural calamities like heat waves, cyclones, floods, droughts, and forest fires due to human induced climate change have also...Read More

Business as usual approaches are not working!

The international climate agreements, conferences, deliberations, and devising frameworks started as early as 1998 with the Kyoto Protocol, up to the Paris Agreement in 2015, there are COP meetings held every year and thousands of NGOs are working to correct c...Read More

We are running out of time!

The IPCC report affirms that temperature rise beyond 1.5 degree celsius will start irreversible climate change. The 1.5 degree celsius is the most important number for every human being. It is the number that all climate scientists are keeping an eye on. Did you know how much time is left before global warming touches the 1.5 degree celsius limit?

There is a need for a Public Movement!

Efforts made by governments, international bodies and NGOs all over the world are not providing enough to mitigate climate change. Every individual, rich or poor, from a developing country or a developed country is using energy and therefore contributing to cl...Read More

Energy Swaraj as a public movement!

It is the use of carbon based energy that has created the problem of climate change and it is the use of clean or renewable energy that would solve the problem, provided the generation and consumption of energy for local people is done locally, with local reso...Read More

Targets of The Energy Swaraj Movement

Through the Energy Swaraj Movement, the Foundation aims to achieve two main targets towards Awareness and Action.

Imparting Energy
Literacy Training to

1,000,000,000 People

Encouraging people to surrender electricity
connection and switch 100% on solar energy:


No. of Participants Completed the ELT:


Activities for Creating Energy Swaraj Movement

Energy Swaraj Yatra

The yatra is planned across the country starting from November 2020 until December 2030, nearly 11 years long, to create Energy Swaraj as a public movement.

Energy Literacy Training

To fulfil the energy requirement, humans have exploited Earth’s resources which in turn has led to climate change! Want to know how much energy we use & how one can adopt Solar Energy & save our Mother Earth - Become Energy literate & do your part!

Energy Swaraj Clubs

Energy Swaraj Clubs are recognized to be very important action nodes of the Energy Swaraj Movement and they are established to ignite public action in their locality.

Be a part of the Energy Swaraj Movement, and contribute to save life on planet Earth!

Every user of energy needs to take part in climate corrective action, It means every individual, institution, and industry needs to take part. In what way would you like to be part of the movement?

Why Solar Man decided to leave home for 11 years?

Prof. Chetan Singh Solanki is a Professor at the Department of Energy Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay. He is also Founder of Energy Swaraj Foundation and Brand Ambassador of Solar Energy for Govt. of MP in India. He is deeply worried by climate change and decided to take the 11 years long Energy Swaraj Yatra through a solar bus. He decided to live in a solar bus, without going home for 11 long years. Watch the video to know why he made such a decision.

    • Number of days travelled

      1,109 Days

    • Number of days remaining

      2,577 Days

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    Entrepreneur and Author

    About Founder

    A renowned solar scientist, a professor of IIT Bombay, Dr. Solanki has been referred to as “Solar Man of India” by Times of India, The Hindu and India Today. Some people also call him “Solar Gandhi”. Known for his remarkable work in the field of Solar, he is an educator, innovator, researcher, author and and loves to talk about the philosophy of life. He is the author of 8 books and over 100 research papers.

    Following Gandhian ideals, he has coined the word ‘Energy Swaraj’. His Energy Swaraj Movement is a stepping stone towards energy access, energy sustainability, and climate change mitigation.

    Currently he is on an 11 years long Energy Swaraj Yatra through a solar bus to bring awareness about climate change to masses and encourage them to switch towards 100% solar powered life. During this 11 years of yatra he has pledged to live on a bus and not go home until the goal is achieved. Prof. is Solanki believes in practising yoga, breathing exercises and meditation for physical and mental well-being as a teacher of Art of Living.

    Provide funding support to Energy Swaraj Movement

    Energy Swaraj Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that works mainly from the contributions from the general public. We do not seek government support. To create an Energy Swaraj Movement and spread awareness about climate change among the masses, we seek your support! Any contribution to the Energy Swaraj Movement will be highly appreciated!


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    Join the "Wah! Wrinkles Achhe Hai" Climate Correction Day Challenge

    Get ready to make a difference starting October 23, 2023, as we launch the "Wah! Wrinkles Achhe Hai" Climate Correction Day Challenge. Every Monday, join us in wearing non-ironed clothes to reduce carbon emissions and make a positive impact on our environment. Whether you're a professional, student, or a conscientious citizen, your participation in this challenge is an invitation to contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. Embrace "Every Monday - Wrinkle Day - Green Today" and be a part of the movement to combat climate change.


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    Energy Swaraj Yatra

    Dr. Solanki's remarkable journey with the Energy Swaraj Yatra has covered an astounding distance of 47,380 kilometers, connecting with a remarkable 244,997 individuals along the way. This incredible journey has spanned 1,075 days, making it a remarkable achievement in the field of energy and climate advocacy. To learn more about the yatra and explore opportunities to support or host it at your premises, please visit our website:


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    REC (Reduce Electricity Consumption)

    Join the "Shart Lagao Bijli Bachao Challenge!" by Energy Swaraj Foundation – a simple way for everyone to save electricity, the environment, and money. For three months, aim to reduce your electricity use and see the impact month by month, like comparing April 2023 with April 2022. 

    Your challenge is to beat your own record for three months this year compared to the same period last year, e.g., if you save in May, June, and July 2023, we'll compare it to the bills from May, June, and July 2022. Each unit of electricity saved equals 1 kg of CO2 emissions. Certificates and rewards await. Learn more at

     Join us to save energy, the environment, and money!