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Energy Swaraj Awards

Avoid - Minimize - Generate (AMG) approach or 1/3rd-1/3rd-1/3rd approach

Step -1 | Avoid electricity use by 1/3rd 

“Avoid the use of energy, as much as possible, even if it is solar energy”

Avoid refers to not using or stop using the appliances at all, even if they are powered by solar energy. Why? Solar PV modules are considered a relatively much cleaner source of electricity than coal-based electricity, but they do have some non-zero carbon footprint. Purification of Silicon, the production of silicon wafer, solar cells, glass, and aluminum frame all require energy. Energy consumption in production means the carbon footprint. After the end of life, solar PV modules and other system components like electronics and batteries would become waste. Hence,  the first rule of using solar energy would be to "Avoid" electricity use even if produced using solar energy or for that matter any other energy.

Avoid the use of energy refers to avoid using appliances that can be avoided. Following are some examples:

  • Avoid (do not use) the use of lights during day time, do not use at all or reduce the number of lights
  • Avoid the use of fans by reducing the number or the duration of fan use
  • Avoid the use of heavy loads like geysers and air conditioners, they consume a lot of electricity
  • Avoiding the use of electric water cooler water from the natural cooler

… and there can be many more possibilities

With these measures and many more, one can keep the target to avoid the use of electricity by 1/3rd. This saving of money can be invested in buying efficient appliances that further reduce electricity consumption

Step -2 | Minimize electricity use by 1/3rd 

“Minimize the use of energy, as much as possible, using efficient appliances”

Minimizing electricity use refers to reducing the use of electricity for a given operation using efficient appliances. Thus in this step, we try to reduce electricity consumption by replacing less efficient appliances with more efficient appliances.  For example, using an LED bulb or tube light reduces electricity consumption by almost 50 to 60% compared to fluorescent lights. Replacing a BLDC fan with a normal induction motor fan can reduce electricity consumption by 50 to 60%. For every gadget that uses electricity, there are efficient alternatives available in the market.  With efficient appliances, electricity consumption can be reduced by another 20 to 50%.

Following are some examples for minimizing electricity consumption:

  • Replace fluorescent lights with LED lights
  • Replace normal ceiling fan with BLDC fans
  • Replace 1, 2 or 3 rated appliances with 5 star rated appliances (Fridge, AC, gyser)
  • Keep the temperature setting of AC to 25 degree C or above, similarly keep refrigerator temperature setting to higher value
  • Replace normal computer with an efficient laptop
  • Replace normal water pump with efficient water pump

Step -3 | Generate remaining 1/3rd energy locally  

“Generate as little energy as possible locally after avoid and minimize step”

Once you have avoided what can be avoided (hopefully by 1/3rd) and minimized what can be minimized (hopefully by another 1/3rd), then remaining electricity (the 1/3rd) can be easily generated using solar energy or any renewable energy without needing significant investment. One can connect the solar system with the grid or the best way is to go off-grid and become an independent generator and consumer of electricity. 

The 1/3rd-1/3rd-1/3rd approach is just a suggestion and depends on the individual or institution's climatic situation, building design, the sensitivity of building users, etc. The percentage number of each step-1 to step-3 can vary. It is clear that the more you avoid step-1 and the more you minimize in step-2, the less you will generate in step-3.

Nomination Categories and Eligibility Criteria

Note that: Not only the past good work done by individuals, organizations, or government bodies are eligible for awards if you have not yet taken any action in terms of adopting AMG, it is not too late, you can still plan to take action in the immediate future and apply for the Energy Swaraj awards.  

The Foundation believes that people from all walks of life are working and doing exceptional work that needs recognition, which would inspire more such efforts to take actions towards climate change mitigation. Active, deserving, and enthusiastic Individuals, Organizations, and Governments across the world that have already undertaken action to follow the AMG principle or are ready to take immediate action in adopting it are invited to participate in their respective categories. 

Award Categories

 Category -1

Academic Institutions

Schools, colleges, universities, or other academic institutions that have taken actions under at least one of the AMG pillars that have led to concrete results are eligible to apply under this category.

  • Sub Category 1: Avoid
  • Sub Category 2: Minimize
  • Sub Category 3: Generate

 Category -2


Governments at the Centre, State, local bodies, panchayats, or department under them are eligible to apply or be nominated under this category. It could include projects or policies that fall under the AMG principle

  • Sub Category 1: Avoid
  • Sub Category 2: Minimize
  • Sub Category 3: Generate

 Category -3


Any company or commercial establishment is eligible to apply under this category. Companies can also apply if they are offering products or solutions that follow one or more pillars of the AMG approach.

  • Sub Category 1: Avoid
  • Sub Category 2: Minimize
  • Sub Category 3: Generate

 Category -4

Non-Governmental Organization

NGOs, civil society organizations, Resident Welfare Associations, citizen groups or other non-commercial entities can apply for any interventions under any of the pillars of the AMG principle.

  • Sub Category 1: Avoid
  • Sub Category 2: Minimize
  • Sub Category 3: Generate

 Category -5


This is an individual category and not an organization category. This award category focuses on the individual efforts - made by one person, adopted under the pillars of the AMG principle - like their homes and offices.

  • Sub Category 1: Avoid
  • Sub Category 2: Minimize
  • Sub Category 3: Generate

Prize of Energy Swaraj Awards

  • A unique Trophy
  • Citation in various mediums
  • A prize purse of Rs. 10 Lakhs
  • Opportunity to associate with Energy Swaraj Movement
  • Shoutout at social media platforms
  • Special mention on Energy Swaraj Foundation’s Website


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