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Become volunteer to serve humanity

Volunteerism is a way to contribute towards betterment of the world with your empathy, time and skills. Volunteerism is not a work, it is a service. Contributing towards mitigating climate change and sustainability is a service to humanity. Do join in this pious work. Volunteer for the following programs. 

Energy Literacy Volunteer


Energy Literacy Volunteer

An opportunity to make big impact on climate change while sitting at home

Work (service) description 

Not only the use but the misuse of energy equally results in carbon emissions and climate change. Energy Literacy Training is an online training course designed to make bring awareness among masses regarding generation and consumption of energy and its impact of environment. This online training is of three hours duration, available for free to everyone. We believe that “Energy Literacy Training" is first step towards climate change mitigation”. And, every user of energy must become energy literate.

As part of service, you will be required to encourage schools, colleges, companies, societies and individuals to take this course and become “Energy Literate”. Every energy literate gets a verifiable certificate.

Qualification Anyone who has done Energy Literacy Training.
 Age and Qualification  No Bar
Minimum Target 

1000 energy literates

(even if you convince couple of organizations you can achieve this target) 

Work Hours  Part time or Full time
Work location From home / anywhere in the world

Support provided from Energy Swaraj Foundation

  • Basic training
  • Reading material,
  • Promotional material,
  • Letter stating that you are volunteer
  • Unique link to monitor number of Energy Literates through your efforts
 What you will get

1-Recognition on Foundation’s webpage

2- Certificate on completion

Eligibility Criteria for establishing Energy Swaraj Clubs


Mobile Solar Home Volunteer

An opportunity to travel across country for FREE and service humanity 
Work (service) description

Solar energy is powering life on the planet since immortal. The use of carbon based fuels like coal, petrol, diesel, LPG to fulfil our energy needs cause environmental damage and resulted in change in climate. The climate change is becoming catastrophic every passing year and lives of many millions is getting affected. Humanity does not have any other choice then to adopt to solar energy for ensuring sustainability of human life on the planet.

In order to promote use of solar energy, the Energy Swaraj Foundation has designed a Mobile Solar House (a bus) which is equipped with all appliances used at home. These appliances are powered by solar panels, which are installed on rooftop of solar home.

The Mobile Solar House is part of Energy Swaraj Yatra, which is travelling across the country. You might be aware that Prof. Solanki, himself has undertaken this yatra and travels in his yatra bus. As a service, you will be required to travel along with the Mobile Solar House across country and demonstrate the bus to people who visit.

 Qualification Polytechnic, diploma or engineering bachelor, who has good understanding of solar energy
 Minimum Duration 1 month, 3 months is preferable
 Work Hours Full time, person has to travel with the bus
Work location The Mobile Solar House
Support provided from Energy Swaraj Foundation
  • Basic training
  • Reading material
  • Letter stating that you are a volunteer
  • Food and lodging while travelling
What you will get
  1. Recognition on Foundation’s webpage
  2. Opportunity to travel across country for free
  3. Certificate on completion

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