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The Need

Energy is a major driver of our social and economic growth and has become an essential part of our daily survival. But the use of fossil fuel-based energy, which constitutes nearly 80% of our energy basket, is also a major culprit of climate change. Climate change is real. It is becoming severe and catastrophic every day passing. There is a need for immediate and urgent action to tackle this climate emergency. In the wake of climate change, energy access, energy security, and energy sustainability, renewable energy solutions are required.

Solution Approach

The people are living in a distributed manner, the renewable energy sources are available in a distributed manner and therefore the generation and consumption of energy should be and can be achieved in a distributed manner. Before the generation of energy, from any source, one must become a disciplined and efficient user of energy. These approaches reduce the user’s energy requirement significantly.

Following the Gandhian model of Gram Swaraj, the idea of Energy Swaraj is to involve local communities to generate and fulfill their local energy needs through localized activities of production (as much as feasible), assembly, installation and maintenance of renewable energy solutions.


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