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Energy Swaraj Warrior 

The front liners for the fight against climate change.

Energy Swaraj Warriors are frontline people in fight against climate change.

They impart Energy Literacy Training to encourage sensible as well as clean energy use and bring reduction in carbon emission for individuals, institutions as well as industries.


Unfortunately, due to human activities driven by use of carbon based energy, all the life-supporting elements of nature's ecosystem like air, water, soil, river, ice caps, and forest have degraded. The planet has become warmer by 1.1 degree C and we must do everything to limit global warming to ideally below 1.5 degree C or a maximum of 2 degree C to avoid irreversible climate changes. The rate of global warming (climate change) and associated events like rising sea levels, heatwaves, cyclones, floods, droughts, forest fires are ever-increasing, resulting in ever-increasing troubles for humans. In order to solve the problem, as per IPCC report, “drastic and immediate” change in energy use pattern is required. We need to re-think and redesign the way we generate and consume energy.

What is Energy Literacy Training? 

Everyone is a user of energy and hence a contributor to climate change. Therefore, each one of us must be part of the climate corrective actions. Energy Literacy Training includes the understanding of energy generation, its consumption, its use, misuse and inefficient use, opportunities to conserve energy and generate clean energy. The Energy Swaraj Foundation believes that becoming energy literate and sensitive towards its generation and use is the first step in climate correction.

About Energy Swaraj Warrior 

Energy Swaraj Warriors are the frontline people in spreading energy literacy to masses. They are the facilitator in imparting Energy Literacy Training. The warriors are associated with Energy Swaraj Foundation and gets appropriate training on how to impart “Energy Literacy Training”.

Who can we become an Energy Swaraj Warrior?

Anybody who is a climate enthusiast and has a better understanding of energy can become an Energy Swaraj Warrior. This is irrespective of age, gender, educational background or experience. 

Impart training and Earn money

An Energy Swaraj Warrior can work voluntarily for the betterment of society and the planet or they can work for monetary incentives based on the trainings delivered.

Why become Energy Swaraj Warrior?

There are a many reasons for becoming an Energy Swaraj Warrior, the major ones have been listed below:

  1. Time is running out, become the focal point of Climate Action for the sake of mankind
  2. Get in-depth knowledge of aspects related to energy and climate change
  3. Be associated with the Energy Swaraj Foundation
  4. Get a chance to earn monetary rewards if you do not wish to work voluntarily
  5. Get certified as an Energy Swaraj Warrior
How to become an Energy Swaraj Warrior?

All you need to do is follow 5 steps to become a certified Energy Swaraj Warrior. For this, they will be undergoing a vast training course under the guidance of the Solar Man of India - Prof. Chetan Singh Solanki :

  • Step-1: Introductory meeting with Prof. Solanki
  • Step-2: Online videos to be viewed and understood
  • Step-3: Q &A Session with Training Head
  • Step-4: Quiz
  • Step-5: Prof Solanki will check if the person is Eligible, personally.

What will you be doing as Energy Swaraj Warrior?

The primary task of the Energy Swaraj Warriors is to become facilitators of the Energy Literacy Training. 

  • They will be going to various institutions and organizations to impart the Energy Literacy
  • Training to participants in the batches of 50-200 participants. 
  • They will be going to the premises of the host organization, showing the pre-recorded videos of the Energy Literacy Training, conducting examinations, and evaluating the results. 
  • For each training session, the Energy Swaraj Warrior will be working.

What are  benefits of becoming an Energy Swaraj Warrior?

There are a many of benefits for becoming an Energy Swaraj Warrior which include: 

  1. Get in-depth knowledge on all aspects related to energy and climate change, (both are the recent concerns for sustaining life on Earth)
  2. Flexible working conditions. One can work part time or full time or as per availability of time
  3. Get a chance to earn monetary rewards (Rs. 8000 to 15000 per month). One can also work voluntarily.  In any case, one would like to become an Energy warrior more for the cause than monetary benefits.
  4. Get associated with global issue, earn recognition and add value to one’s life and career 
  5. Get associated with Energy Swaraj Foundation and become part of the global movement for betterment of humanity
  6. Get a FREE training and a certificate of being Energy Swaraj Warrior


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