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Energy Swaraj Clubs

Become the Action Node of the Energy Swaraj Movement

We all are the users of energy and we all have contributed to climate change. In order to mitigate climate change, which has become a serious global problem, we all must act together.  We need a public movement to encourage mass adoption of the Energy Swaraj - the energy generated and consumed locally.

For Energy Swaraj to become a public movement, people at large must start taking part in appropriately generating and consuming their own energy, without waiting for policies or subsides. 

Energy Swaraj Clubs are recognized to be very important action nodes of the Energy Swaraj Movement and they are established to ignite public action in their locality.

Actions by Energy Swaraj Clubs

  • Following and promoting energy literacy among the masses

  • Following and promoting AMG principles 

  • Being energy independent, and setting up examples of energy independence (off-grid solar systems)

  • Encouraging energy independence among masses

  • Establishing Energy Swaraj – energy by locals for local

Download the detailed guidebook of Energy Swaraj Clubs here  

Eligibility Criteria for establishing Energy Swaraj Clubs

  • Age: Any individual above 12 years of age can take initiative to establish the Energy Swaraj Club. 

  • The number of members: A minimum of 11 members can come together to form Energy Swaraj Club. 

    • Criteria for Membership: Anyone who fulfills the following conditions is eligible to become a member:

      • The member is above the age of 12 years

      • The member is willing to spend time for actions on the establishment of Energy Swaraj

The club can collect funds for club related activities. No amount is to be sent to Energy Swaraj Foundation.

Aadhavan Energy Swaraj Club, Avit, Paiyanoor

Poornima University - Energy Swaraj Club, Jaipur

Adithya Energy Swaraj Club Amrita School of Arts and Science, Kochi

Urja Energy Swaraj Club,
RVCE Bengaluru

Surya Energy Swaraj Club,

BMSCE Bangaluru

Sphurti Energy Swaraj Club, Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Sunniva Energy Swaraj Club, Moonak

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