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Energy Swaraj Foundation (ESF) is a section-8, not-for-profit organization, formed to establish Energy Swaraj across the world.
The motto of the ESF is “Energy by Locals for Locals” 

Formed in 2019 by Professor Chetan Singh Solanki, Energy Swaraj Foundation is working to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change by empowering local communities. Energy Swaraj Foundation emphasizes on bringing awareness by educating all age-groups in energy generation and consumption. We thrive to provide end- to-end solar solutions on the climate emergency.

Why Energy Swaraj?

Excessive use of fossil energy has resulted in catastrophic climate change. The solution lies in switching to clean energy, drastically (100%) and immediately (in a very short time). This needs to be done following two fundamental sustainability principles of “limiting consumption” and “localizing production”.

Switching to clean energy by following these two principles is Energy Swaraj.

Our Belief

Energy Swaraj Foundation believes in these two fundamental laws of human existence or sustainable living on this planet:

“In an ecosystem of finite resources there can only be finite consumption” &

“In an ecosystem of finite resources there can only be distributed production”

Our Vision

Making a global impact in mitigation of climate change caused by excessive use of fossil energy by establishing Energy Swaraj everywhere across the world, in which energy is generated and consumed locally as much as possible, using local renewable resources through involvement of local people.

Our Mission

Making over a billion people energy literate and encouraging over 100 million families to become electricity independent (grid-free) by adopting AMG principle of sustainable energy, which include first Avoid’ the use of energy by 1/3rd, even if it is solar energy, then ‘Minimize’ the use of energy by another 1/3rd, using energy efficient appliances, and at last ‘Generate’ only remaining 1/3rd energy locally using renewable sources.

Energy Swaraj as a Public movement

The Foundation strongly believes that only government actions across the world will not be sufficient in mitigation of climate change and limiting global warming to less than 1.5oC or even 2oC. Everyone is a user of (fossil) energy and hence everyone is contributing to climate change. Therefore, everyone must take part in climate corrective actions, and adaptation of Energy Swaraj should become a public movement, wherein people take pride in becoming part of ‘solution’ (adopting to renewable energy) and not the part of ‘pollution’ (use of fossil energy), as there is no planet ‘B’ and everyone would put efforts to make human life sustainable on the planet ‘A’.


Based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are targeted to achieve by 2030, Energy Swaraj Foundation has define the following targets are to be achieved:

1000+ million people to be made aware

Climate is changing, natural resources are degrading and the sustainability of life on the planet is getting affected. Energy Swaraj Foundation will make 1000+ million people aware of climate change facts and about the alternative renewable energy solutions across the world. This target is planned under the Energy Literacy Mission of the Foundation. 

10+ million households to bring off-the-grid

Energy Swaraj Foundation has set itself a mammoth target of bringing 10+ million households (~50 million people) off-the-grid by 2030 and providing them complete solar solutions. Energy Swaraj Foundation will promote the avoid and minimization of the energy before generating it through solar energy based on its Avoid-Minimize-Generate (AMG) principle. This target is planned to be achieved through its #SurrenderElectricityConnection Campaign.

100,000 Entrepreneurs to be nurtured

Energy Swaraj Foundation will be promoting #SurrenderElectricityConnection campaign through the network of local entrepreneurs. These local entrepreneurs will be trained by the Foundation. It is expected that 100,000 entrepreneurs will be trained to move these households towards the off-grid solution. These entrepreneurs will be trained extensively through technical and business training. This target is planned to be achieved through its solar shops and showrooms.

In addition to this, Foundation plans to achieve the following in  

  1. Providing hands-on training to 100+ million people 

  2. Plant 330 million trees in the span of 11 years

  3. Energy and Policy Recommendations to 50 countries


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