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Academic Institution

Academic institutions play a crucial role in shaping the future of a country. We believe that the young generation could play and would play a pivotal role in bringing Energy Swaraj or energy self-governance and self-sufficiency in a different part of the world. Associate with us to be a part of the climate action.

Energy Swaraj Ashrams

Energy Swaraj Foundation is establishing Energy Swaraj Centres (Ashrams) across the world. It is a solar incubation centre aiming to empower entrepreneurs and innovators in the field of solar....

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Solar Chai Thela

Over 96% of the population in India consumes chai (tea) from the roadside, facilitating a decent living for lakhs. Many vendors prepare this roadside chai...

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Swaraj Solar Showrooms

The Swaraj Solar Showrooms are retail stores used for the display of solar products and will include a wide array of solar products. Swaraj Solar Showrooms 

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Swaraj Solar Shops

Are you interested in becoming a solar entrepreneur? We are here to help you to set-up your own solar business. Energy Swaraj Foundation 

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