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The purpose of Energy Swaraj Yatra is to bring awareness about energy use/misuse among masses and its correlation with climate change. The yatra also aims to bring measurable change in energy use patterns and encourage societies into actions on shifting towards 100% solar powered living. Everyone, who uses energy, and wants to contribute and bring change in energy and contribute in climate change mitigation can invite the yatra. Following groups/organisation can become host of the yatra:

  1. Academic Institutions - like schools, colleges, universities, ITIs, etc.
  2. Industries - any industry, big or small, service or production, etc.
  3. Society - clubs, groups of people (colonies), NGOs, etc.
  4. Government or representatives -Politicians, ministers, bureaucrats, district  govt. bodies, district administrators
If you are interested to host the yatra, fill the form below: 

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Volunteer With Us:  Donate Your Passion And Dedication

Energy Swaraj Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation. We need thousands of volunteers to make an impact on keeping the planet a liveable space for future generations. What could be better than the contribution by your passion and dedication? You can volunteer with Energy Swaraj Yatra by hosting and organising Yatra. 

If you wish to volunteer with Energy Swaraj Yatra, fill in the form below:

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