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Climate change has become an existential threat to humanity which can be seen through the increase in the frequency and intensity of disasters. We need to mitigate climate change for the sake of our children, their children, and grandchildren. We need a large-scale public response. Dr. Chetan Singh Solanki, Professor IIT Bombay & Founder, Energy Swaraj Foundation, has undertaken an 11 years long Energy Swaraj Yatra (2020 to 2030) through a bus to create Energy Swaraj as a public movement. For his efforts, he has been conferred as the Brand Ambassador of Solar Energy, Madhya Pradesh. We cordially invite you to become a member of Energy Swaraj Movement for 10 years.


What will your contribution be
used for?

  1. One of the main targets of ESF is to make people aware. Your contribution will be used for the Energy Literacy drive of ESF 

  2. Developing the training aids for the Training Courses 

  3. One tree will be planted from your contribution

  4. Development of Training Content Development

  5. Support in reducing yearly electricity 

  1. Opportunity to have your name on the ESF’s website

  2. Access to the interesting newsletters of the ESF

  3. ESF has an 80G Certificate and you can avail the benefits of it 

  4. Access to Free solar system calculator through our mobile application

  5. Access to a 10% discount on any one online course annually 

  6. Opportunity to be a part of Energy Swaraj Yatra

  7. Support in reducing monthly electricity

Support Our Initiative

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Plants are precious to maintain the delicate balance of the ecosystem. You may wish to donate as many plants...



Contribute to Energy Literacy Training

Energy Literacy training is FREE of cost for all  participants, there is a cost of Rs. 5/- incurred per trainee to deliver it to the participants. ...

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Climate change is a global emergency. Merely discussing the catastrophic climate change will not help! We need to take actionable measures to mitigate it. We need to pledge to save the environment. We need to pledge to save energy which is the primary cause of the climate change.

Pledge below to contribute in mitigating climate change. Don’t worry! Our team will be all the way through with you for fulfilling the pledge!



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