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Corporate Social Responsibility

Prof. Chetan Singh Solanki

As a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility, one can collaborate with Energy Swaraj Foundation in the following ways:


Support Our Initiative

Sponsor Yatra

Prof. Chetan Singh Solanki, Professor, the Yatra and gain visibility across the country by supporting a solar bus. 

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Sponsor Solarization

Energy Swaraj Foundation proposes solarization of the various institutions and premises of any  and  the solarization .

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Sponsored Assembly Centre

The Energy Swaraj Foundation helps partner organizations to set up assembly units of various solar products, which have  more.

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Sponsor Solar Street Lights

Energy Swaraj Foundation proposes the installation of solar street lights to provide safe streets to all. Two types are  of semi-integrated solar street lights are being proposed .

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Solar Chai Thela

Over 96% of the population in India consumes chai (tea) from the roadside, facilitating a decent living for lakhs. Many vendors prepare this roadside solar chai thela.

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