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Actions for Restoring Environment

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ARE Conference

Energy Swaraj Awards

Activities towards environmental protection should not just be a gesture on World Environment Day but a continuous action for ensuring the sustenance of human life on the planet. Also, the planet has become warmer by 1-degree centigrade. The rate of global warming (climate change) and associated events like rising sea levels, heatwaves, cyclones, floods, droughts, forest fires are ever-increasing, resulting in ever-increasing troubles for humans.

The corrective actions for the environment are required on a “drastic and immediate” basis. The only way out of the environmental crisis is to rethink life and lifestyle and restore the balance. The air, water, rivers, forest, and average global temperatures all need to be restored.

Energy Swaraj Foundation is announcing Actions for Restoring Environment (ARE) Conference, wherein global leaders come to one platform to deliberate on the climate corrective actions and pledge more actions in this direction.


  • 40+ speakers from industry, government, religion, research, and academia
  • An opportunity to share a platform with global leaders

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The consistent efforts of conscious and aware citizens help sustain the world. Many people and organizations in the world are working hard to promote sustainable living. The Energy Swaraj Award will recognize the best examples of individuals, organizations, industries, non-governmental organizations and government bodies that follow the Avoid-Minimize-Generate (AMG) principle in their actions in adopting to renewable energy. This edition of awards is mainly considering use of electrical energy.

Not only the past good work done by individuals, organizations, or government bodies are eligible for awards. If you have not yet taken any action to adopt AMG, it is not too late, you can still plan to take action in the immediate future and apply for the Energy Swaraj Awards.


  • 13 Categories and 51 Awards
  • Prize purse of ₹15+ Lakhs
  • Chance to present your innovative ideas

AMG (Avoid-Minimize-Generate) Award

Total 5 Awards - Know More  Click Here

Climate Hackathon Challenge - Ideas and Actions to Save the World

Total 8 Awards - Know More Click Here

Individual/ Any institutions can apply for multiple awards.

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Though this is a invite only conference for the speakers, we present a unique opportunity for the general public to present their innovative ideas in 10 minute slots to the world leaders and get recognized. 

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